To purchase parts for the CE-7 Pro edger (Main Assembly):

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CE7 Main Assembly

ItemPart NumberQTYDescriptionItemPart NumberQTYDescription
170175A1Tag, Warning3429910A1Hub, Pad Driver
253772A1Belt Extension CE7 (07170A, 07175A)3580326A5Screw, M6-1X16 Btn Hd (qty of 4 on 07176A, 07180A)
353775A Belt Drive SE7 (07176A, 07180A)369025502Bearing, Ball, 6203
480276A1Nut, Slip Joint 2” x 2”3761860A1Spacer, Pad Bearing
59905071Loctite RC60138L0673041Ring, Retaining Internal
629908A1Pulley, Driver3940252A1Speed Select Interconnect (07170A, 07176A)
753544C1Bag, Edger CE7/SE74080361A2Nut, M16-2 Hex Thin Jam
861712A1Tube, Exhaust, B-24139865A2Caster and Yoke Assembly
939875A1Multipurpose   Tool4280358A4Screw, M8-1.25X35 Btn Hd
1080362A1Screw, M4-.7 x 12 Btn Hd4329904A1Frame, Long Polished (07170A)
1193801A1Loctite Thread Locket4429905A1Frame, Long Charcoal Grey (07175A)
1261858A1Clip, Steel 3/4” to 1-1/8”4529919A1Frame, Short Polished (07176A)
1330613A2Seal, Pipe4629920A1Frame, Short Charcoal Grey (07180A)
1429906A1Support, Bearing (07170A, 07175A)4730188A1Plug, Access Hole CE/SE 7
1529907A1Support, Bearing (07176A, 07180A)488773051Ring, Retaining EXT .781
1642300A1Cordset, 14-3 x 25’ SO/SOW (07170A, 07176A)4953771A1Ball Bearing, 6004
16BMP5130001Cord, Power Supply, IEC, RED (07220A)508773041Ring, Retaining Internal
1729902A1Fan,  CE/SE7 Dust5111119A1Armature CE/SE 7 120V
1880291A1Washer, Flat #1051B11120A1Armature CE/SE 7 230V (07220A)
1980363A2Screw, M5-.8X12 BT5251126A1Bearing, 6201
2039867A1Wall Guard53 1Motor Housing Assembly
219806462Washer, 1/4” Flat5471464A1Label, CE7 Pro+ (07170A)
2280327A2Screw, M6-1X30 Btn Hd5571465A1Label, CE7 Pro (07175A)
2361861A1Baffle, Fan5671466A1Label, SE7 Pro+ (07176A)
2439866A1Shroud, Fan5771467A1Label, SE7 Pro (07180A)
2580356A1Screw, M6-1X50 Btn Hd5840717A2Brush, Holder
2661853A1Plate, Bottom Dust (07170A, 07175A)5940583A2Brush, Carbon Terminated
2761854A1Plate, Bottom Dust (07176A, 07180A)609806034Washer, #10 Lock Ext Tooth
2880325A1Screw, M5-.8X65 Btn Hd6198464A2Clamp, 1/4” Nylon Tubing (qty of 1 on 07175A & 07180A)
2980357A1Screw, M8-1.25X25 Btn Hd629620274Screw, 8-32X1/2 PH
3062411A1Washer63 1Handle Assembly
3139864A1Pad, Hook & Loop64563806391Decal-Prop 65
3280364A6Screw, M5-.8X12 FHSR6570175A-FR1Tag Warning Eng-Frn (07170A, 07176A)
3361851A1Sanding Disk