To purchase parts for the CE-7 Pro edger (Handle Assembly):

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CE7 120V Handle Assembly

ItemPart NumberQtyDescriptionItemPart NumberQtyDescription
19200564Nut, 6-32 E.S.N.A. Nylock (qty of 2 on 07175A & 07180A)1643401A4Housing Connector (qty of 2 on 07175A & 07180A)
29806211Washer, Ext. Tooth Lock1780324A6Screw, M5-.8X16 Btn Hd
39627273Screw, 8-32X1/21885313C4Screw, PHMS 6-32X3/8 (07170A, 07176A)
440943A1Cord, Adapter1940946A1Transformer Asm. 10:1 (07170A, 07176A)
511344A1Speed Select, Wire Asm. (07170A, 07176A)2085833A110-32X3/8 HW Type 23
629912A1Handle, Lower Polished (07170A, 07176A)2161855A1Plate, Support
739871A1Lens, Transparent Polycarbonate2241079A2Terminal Junction 1/4”X2 Tabs (07175A, 07180A)
861856A1Plate, Switch239627382Screw, 6-32X5/8” P.H. (07175A, 07180A)
947365A1Switch, Rocker (07170A, 07176A)2429913A1Handle, Lower Charcoal, Grey (07175A, 07180A)
1040947A1LED Power Regulator (07170A, 07176A)2539868A1Handle (07175A, 07180A)
1129915A1Handle, Polished (07170A, 07176A)2671468A1Label, CAS
1240948A1Switch, 16A, 115V 60 Hz Coil2871468A1Insulation 2.10 Sq. X .015
1340265A1Tape, Thermally Conductive (07170A, 07176A)29563802161Decal Power Tool Cautionary Marking
1440945A1LED Board and Wiring Asm. (07170A, 07176A)3077094A1Label Ground Symbol
1511343A1Control Switch Wire, Asm.