To purchase parts for the CAV 16 Vacuum (Frame Assembly):

  1. Reference the part needed from the parts diagram and refer to the parts list below.
  2. Copy the Part Number and paste it into the search window above to see availability and pricing.
  3. Confirm your parts selection and "Add To Cart".


ItemPart NumberQTYDescriptionItemPart NumberQTYDescription
18360002TUBE SLIDING CAV 16168183002HANDGRIP CAV 16
28140282BUSHING CAV 161781829990052BRACKET CAV 16
38140842PIN CAV-26184RETAINING RING 8MM (5/16)
48140852LINK CAV 16199806482WASH-17/32 ID X 1&1/16 OD PLN
58140872PIN CAV-26209209362NUT M 12 DIN 934
68140541LEVER CAV 162180315A2SCREW M10 X 65 HHC
78140832PIN CAV 16222290444WASHER, o 10
88400342PLUG2380223A2NUT M10-1.5 NYLOCK
98141351SPRING CAV 162483002A8RIVET-1/4 DIA X .490 POP
1092060710NUT M8X1.25 BRIGHT ZC DIN 9342598456A8SCREW M8 X 50 HEX HD CAP
118400352PLUG CAV 262622910216WASHER, o 8
1283606190051CART CAV 162880314A2SCREW M8 X 65 HHC
138405812WHEEL CART CAV-26299802054WASHER .312 ID/1.06 OD/.075THK
148405822CASTER CART CAV-26329640302SCR M 8.0X1.25X 35 SOC ST
158160601BASKET CAV-26