To purchase parts for the EZ-8 (Base Assembly):

  1. Reference the part needed from the parts diagram and refer to the parts list below.
  2. Copy the Part Number and paste it into the search window above to see availability and pricing.
  3. Confirm your parts selection and "Add To Cart".


ItemPart NumberQtyDescriptionItemPart NumberQtyDescription
19202842Nut Stop Elastic 1/4-20 Heavy1360166A1AxleTruck
2NB0031002Nut 1/2-13 Hex Jam1460434B1ArmTruck Level
39203652Nut 1/2-13 Nylock1560435A1ArmTruck Lift
49806484Washer 17/32 X 1 1/16 Plain1667468A1Shaft Caster
525903A1Mainframe Ez-81780012A1Bolt Shoulder 5/16 X 1 1/2
629405A1YokeCaster Ez-81880501A1Key Mir Shaft-3/16sq X 1 1/41
751194B2BearingFlanged 1.375x.500x.3121981307A1Nut7/16-14Hex Jam Ez-8
857423A1Retaining Ring External Sh .75 Heavy2082504A1Pinclevis5/16 X 3/4
958698A1Spring Compression Truck Level Ez-82185835A1Screw 1/4-20x2.50 Hhms
1058699A1Spring Tension Drum Pressure Ez-82286113A1Screw 1/2-13x2.00 Low Head Soc Cap
1159945A2Wheel Truck2386114A1Screw 1/2-13x2.50 Low Head Soc Cap
1259960A1Wheel Caster