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American 12 base assembly

ItemPart NumberQtyDescriptionItemPart NumberQtyDescription
15013451Plug, Button 25/32 FM2367906A3Spring, American 8 & 12
29620156Screw, 10-24 x 3/8 PN ST PH2467907A1Spring, Drum Pressure, American 8 & 12
310243A2Wheel Asm, Urethane2581209A1Nut, Large Flange, 1/2-13
423406A1Frame2686201A1Screw, 5/16-18 x 1 ST ST CUP PT
525200C1Knob Hand - Black2787000A1Washer, .39x.75x.09 FLAT ST
625600A1Lever - Reach2887003A1Washer, .59x1.00x.09 FLAT ST
729403C1Yoke Wheel - Black2987101A3Washer, Lock, 1/2 NOM
860101A1Axle3088502A2Set Screw, 10-24 x3/8, CONE POI
960715B1Bolt, Pivot, American 8 & 12317473042Retaining Ring, Arm BRG 37
1061333A2Caster Wheel 4329201601Nut, 5/16-18 HEX JAM
1162000A1Nut, End339201963Nut, 1/2-13 HEX JAM
1262801A1Eccentric Control Shaft349628233Screw, 1/4-20 x1/2 PN ST PH
1366123A3Plunger359806506Washer, Lock, .19x.34x.04
1466628C2Cover, Truck Wheel369806573Washer, Lock, 1/4 STD
1566913A1Retainer Bearing3726502A1Plate, Plunger Spring
1667109A1Rod - Pilot3851112A2Bearing, 6202
1767309A1Screw, Drum Pressure Adj.3951226A4Ball Bearing, 6002
1867315A3Screw, Adj., Spring, 1.00L4085806A1Screw, 1/4-20 x3/4 HX SZ CAP
1967416A1Shaft, Lever4185811A4Bolt, 5/16-18 x3/4 HX HD
2067810A2Spacer4287007A1Washer, Control Shaft Eccentric
2167814A1Spacer4361355A2Spacer, Caster Wheel, American 8 & 12
2267821A1Spacer, Drum Sander