To purchase parts for the FloorCrafter (Belt Tensioner Assembly):

  1. Reference the part needed from the parts diagram and refer to the parts list below.
  2. Copy the Part Number and paste it into the search window above to see availability and pricing.
  3. Confirm your parts selection and "Add To Cart".


ItemPart NumberQtyDescription ItemPart NumberQtyDescription
16992021Wire Tie 229025672Bearing Balldouble Sealed
29255462Pin-3/16x1/2 Roll 239202963Nut 10-24 Elastic Stop
39621651Scr 10-24x 3/16 St St Cuppt 249628221Screw 1/4-20 X 5/8 Bt St Soc
49628703Scr 3/8 -16x1 Bt St Allen 259806453Washer, 3/8” S.A.E. Flat
510247A1Cam Release Weldment 2614704A2Guide Roller Asm C-12
630087A1Boot-Belt Tensioning Asm 2720018A1Carriage Tension Roller
751099A1Knob Release 2820020A1Support Tension Asm
851211A2E-Ring .25 Dia 2951277A1Ring,Retaining,Ext.,1.00
951216A2Rod End Female 3060382A2Link, Draw
1051221A1Link Connecting 3160383A1Shaft Tension Roller
1160364A1Lever Tension Release 3260391A2Screw, Link Retaining
1260379A1Spring Abrasive Tension 3360393A1Lever Draw
1360381A1Adjuster Tracking 34AS0694001Roller Tension 8” Belt Sander
1460395A2Screw Link Retaining 3580139A1Scr, 1/4-20 X 7/8 Button Hd
1560396A1Pin Roller Shaft 3680422A2Wear Washer
1680020A1Bolt Shoulder 1/4 X 1 3787007A1Washer-Control Shaft Eccentric
1780140A2Washer 5mm Bowed    (only used prior to March 2009)
1881217A3Nut, 1/4-20 Hex Esna 389625051Scr 1/4 -20x 5/8 Sf St Cap
1981303A1Nut 1/4-28    (only used prior to March 2009)
2087052A3Washer Flt 1.25x1.00x.020nylon 3960906A1Block Wear Ez-8
217473802Ring Roller Retaining    (only used prior to March 2009)