To purchase parts for the 3DS Orbital Sander (Main Assembly):

  1. Reference the part needed from the parts diagram and refer to the parts list below.
  2. Copy the Part Number and paste it into the search window above to see availability and pricing.
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ItemPart NumberQtyDescriptionItemPart NumberQtyDescription
114021485001Wd Air Scoop Hose 20 X 1.5(07082C, 07085C)2480046A1Bolt3/8-16x3HeHd Pressure
[]54891A1HoseSqFixe(07112A)2580047A2Boltshoulder 1/2dia X 1-3/4
2AS0027001Ctv Gd 320 (07082C, 07085C)2687053A2Washer/lat 5/Hardened
[]54438A1Vac Tank Soteco (07112A)2787627A2Washer.875 0 .0Bowed
[]53732A1BagFilter Dacron (07082C, 07085C, 07112A)2897100A0.5FTTrimvinylblack400 Ft. Spool
310774A1Box Asm Electric 3DS (07082C)2998622A1Handle Grip Tube
10030A1BoxAsm230V 50Hz (07085C, 07112A)309201104Nut5/16-18HeLock
411677A1Cord Asm Power 3DS (07082C)319202482Nut3/8-16EsnaJam
[]40673A1Cordset W/UK1-13P (07112A)3292029614Nut 10-24 Elastic Stop
[]41047A1Cordset WCE 7/Plug (07085C)3392034224Nut Esna 3/8-16
525202A2Knobhandle Adj3ds349622448Screw3/8-16.75 Hex
631243A1Bumperhead Pressure 3ds359627982Screw10-24 X 1/P.H.
740294A1Cord Power 18-2 lee 320 C14369628626Screw 10-24 X 11 /Pn St Mac
850236A2Cleat Power Cord 3ds379806484Washer 17/32 X 11/16 Plain
952068A4Cap Hub 3ds389809824Washer  10 Sae Flat Pltd
1054935A1Handleframe 3ds3955713A1Latch DraOveCenter (07082C, 07085C)
1157427A1Retainer Power Cord Image 14[]55725A1LatchDraw (07112A)
1258421A2Spacereccentric Truck Frame4059940A2Wheel4"
1359891A2Washer 1/Hubcap 3ds4161820A1StrapVacuum (07082C, 07085C)
1459973A2Wheel Asm Caster 3ds Sander[]61898A1StrapVacuum (07112A)
1563547A1Frame Wldmtleft Truck Pntd4261824A1StrapVacuum Back (07082C, 07085C)
1663548A1Frame Wldmtright Truck Pntd[]61902A1Strap Back Vacuum (07112A)
1769665A1Strap Tilt Pntd 3ds4369667A1StrapVac Support
1869666A1Strap Head AdjPntd4485392A4Screw 10-24 X 3/Pn Sz Ph
1969915A2Bracket Wldmt Pntd 3ds4585397a2Screw10-24 X 3/P.H.
2069916A2Bracketinside Wheel Pntd4685813A4Screw5/16-18X 1.00 Hex Hd
2170499A2LabelCas[]1408682500FilterFoamMotor NOTE 1
2277078A1Platewarning Feet 1700 Ii[]1408658500FilterClothTank NOTE 1
2377195A1Label-UI Fire & Sand.[]56380639Decal-Prop 65
NOTE 1: These parts are accessory items for motor 9058001010