To purchase parts for the 3DS Orbital Sander (Head Assembly):

  1. Reference the part needed from the parts diagram and refer to the parts list below.
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ItemPart NumberQtyDescriptionItemPart NumberQtyDescription
11709066Screw10 X 1/Hw S/D2980045A1Bolt Shoulder 5/16X 1-3/4
2563827563Disc 100hookit 3m 8 Cs=25ea3081217A2Nut1/4-20 Hex Esna
311676A1Cord Asm Set 3DS (07082C)3183011A3Rivet Removable .180 Hole
10029A1Cord Assembly 230V 50 Hz (07085C, 07112A)3285743A2Screw1/4-20x2SC HD SZ
418446A1SkirtAsm 3ds3387038A1Washer Flat 25/64 Id 1.5 Id
519022A1Tensioner Wldmtbelt 3ds3487101A3Washer Lock 1/Norn
620027A1Mainframe Gray351673123Ring, Retainer Internal
730171A1Gasket 3ds Cover361706672Wire Connector Twist On 74b
831225B1Bumperframe 20371708603WasherFlat 5/16
932414A1Cover 3ds389025676Bearing Balldouble Sealed
1034403A3Gimbalrubber 1 Sander 3ds399026482BearingBall Radial 608
1144672A1Motor3hp 230v/60hz 3DS (07082C)409201963Nut 1/2-13 Hex Jam
44311A1Motor2.2 KW 230V/50Hz (07085C, 07112A)419622445Screw3/8-16 X .75 Hex
1250758A1Bearing Ball 6212 3ds429623503Screw 10-32 .500
1350927A1Beltdrive 3ds Sander439627272Screw8-32 X 1/2
1451523A1Bushing Strain Relief449806031Washer#10 Lock External Tooth
1553410A1Springabrasivetension C-12459806483Washer 17/32 X 1 1/16 Plain
1654931A1Handle4-1/1-3/44622906A1EnclosureMotor Start
1757165A1Plug Nylon Hole 3ds4724536A1HousingDisc
1857166A1Plug1 1/4 Finishing4856942A3Pad3DS
1966245A3Pulley 3ds[]54608A12Grommet3DS
2066990A1Retainerouter Ring 3ds[]30369A3Pad Sponge 3DS Sander NOTE 1
2166991A1Retainerinner Ring 3ds[]37018A3Pad Foam 3DS NOTE 2
2266992A2Retainerbelt Tensioner 3ds4958543A1SpacerSprocket
2367863A2Spacerrelease LeverB Belt S5061914A1SprocketIdler
2468793A2Weightdisc Housing 3ds5162667A1CoverEnclosure
2569191A1Tensionerbelt 3ds5267477A3Shaft
2669662A3Sealpully 3ds Sander5385833A110-32x3/Hw Type 23
2770044A1Label Electrical Shock 3ds5487700A16Screw 1/4-20 X 1/B.H.
2877234A1Plate-Warning5587701A3Screw5/16-1Bx5/8 Button Head
NOTE 1: Only used after May 2003.
NOTE 2: Only used before June 2003.
Part NumberDescription
674114HoseVacuum 10
682408Vacuum Hose Adaptor 1½"
639804Wand Assemb lyCurved 1½"
638820ToolFeltShod 14"
658821Tool-Bristle Shod
945630BX (25) 3M 8Hookit Disc #36
945585DISC 3M 19X2 36-2 CS=50EA
945633BX (25) 3M 8Hookit Disc #60
945634BX (25) 3M 8Hookit Disc #80
56382756BX (25) 3M 8Hookit Disc #100
945625CS(40)7 7/B"x3/16Mesh Disc #80
945626CS(40)7 7/B"x3/16Mesh Disc #100
945610Bx(40)8"x2 ¾" Edger Disc Pad