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American 12 handle assembly

ItemPart NumberQtyDescriptionItemPart NumberQtyDescription
19202843Nut Stop Elastic 1/4-20 Heavy2467129A1Adjustercontrol Rod8 Belt S
29250361Pin- 3/32x3/4 Cotter2567144A1Rod Control Am-12
39620152Screw 10-24 X 3/8 Pn St Ph2680021A1Bolt Shoulder 3/8 X 5/8
49620653Screw 8-32 X 1/4 Pn St Ph27NB0712001Screw, Shoulder
59627945Screw 10-24x1 Pn St Ph2885818A1Screw5/16-18 X 2 1/2 Hx Hd
6563814011Connector Nema L15-30r (model 07001A)2986200A2Scr 3/8 - 16x 5/8 St St Dogpt
6a42201A1Cord-Power (Model 07108A, 07204A, 07108C)301706371Conduit Connector 3/8x1/2 Npt 2 Scr
6bAS0168001Cord, Power 100', 230V (model 07109A)319201102Nut, 5/16-18 Hex Lock
722127C1Cover, Switch Box-Black329201481Nut, 3/8-16 Hex Jam
843501A1Inlet- 20A, 250V339202601Nut, 3/8-16 Hex
941917A1Cord-Interconnecting349202162Screw, 10-24 X 1/2" Rd.
1041411A1Circuit Breaker 30 Amp359622883Bolt, 3/8-16X 1.00 Hex Hd.
1149023A1Wire Assembly Black369264812Screw, 1/4-20 X 1 1/4 H.H.C.S.
1220704C1Box-Switch379806074Washer, #6 Lock External Tooth
1321102C1Bracket-Handle389806383Washer, 3/8 Lock
1421904C1Clamp Steering Handle - Black399806461Washer 1/4 Sae Flat Pltd
1525602A1Lever Control Am-8/12409806505Washer, #10 Lock
1648900A1Wire Assy419806992Washer Sh #1210-00
1748901A1Wire Assembly4264405A1Handle, Steering
1853917B1Clevis Control Rod4385313C4Screw Phms 6-32x3/8 Cross Recessed
1962609A1Cover-Brkt Hdl4485816A2Screw, 5/16-18 X 1.75 Hex Hd
2066114C1Handle Pipe - Black459806512Washer, 5/16 Flat
2166151A1Pivotcontrol Rod8 Belt Sand[]563806391Decal-Prop 65
2366694A1Platecontrol Leverpntd8 Be