Concrete Floor Restoration

A Dry Diamond Process To Restore & Refinish Concrete Floors

Wood floor sanding and finishing contractors often have customers with concrete patios, basements, or garages that could benefit from American Sanders Dry Diamond Concrete Floor Restoration process. Designed for the wood floor contractor, the process incorporates the skill sets used for sanding and finishing wood floors. We even recommend the Epoch dual speed rotary buffer as an ideal machine with the both the power and finesse to transform an old concrete pad into a polished signature floor.

American Sanders offers the ideal machines, abrasives, chemicals, and accessories for every step of concrete and hard floor restoration and maintenance.


To restore and maintain your customer’s concrete floors, contact your American Sanders representative today.
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Concrete Floor Restoration Program Brochure


Concrete Floor Restoration User Guide


This unique program is made possible by collaborative efforts between American Sanders and Pioneer Eclipse, a hard floor machine and chemical manufacturing company with over 40 years of industry leading expertise.

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