American Sanders Launches Dual Speed Sander: Epoch

The highly anticipated Epoch revolutionizes planetary sanding

SPARTA, NC – October 31, 2017 – American Sanders, the worldwide leader in the design and production of wood floor sanders and edgers, today announced the launch of the Epoch Rotary Sander, a dual speed, multi-purpose machine designed to revolutionize wood floor sanding and finishing.

The 16-inch machine operates at 175 and 300 rpm with a 115V 1.5 hp, 60 amp DC rectified motor designed to provide greater low end torque. At 115V, the Epoch can be plugged into a regular wall outlet.

What makes the Epoch unique is that at low speed, it can be used as a traditional buffer for fine finishing and polishing, intercoat abrasion, or stain application. When used at high speed, and in combination with the HydraSand, the Epoch acts as a passive planetary sander, abrading and flattening floors. Additionally, with its ability to sand to a 3/8-inch distance from the wall, the Epoch reduces the amount of edging needed.

“The introduction of the Epoch addresses a void that we saw in the marketplace,” said Brian Strickland, Senior VP of Commercial Operations. “At a market-friendly price, this machine makes planetary sanders more readily available to hardwood floor professionals. Furthermore, the size of the unit provides advantages over traditional planetary sanders; it is easy to transport and can be maneuvered into smaller areas.”

Additional features include an adjustable 25 lb. weight kit for varying degrees of head pressure and aggressiveness, flexible LED light, and dust port. The machine will be available for purchase with or without the HydraSand attachment.


About American Sanders  

American Sanders began in 1903 as The American Floor Surfacing Machine Company and built the first floor sanding machine on record with the U.S. Patent Office. One hundred years later, American Sanders remains the worldwide leader in the design and production of wood floor sanders and edgers for the professional contractor as well as the do-it-yourselfer. Today American Sanders continues this heritage with innovative equipment designs focusing on performance, reliability and user ergonomics while furthering our investments in state-of-the-art product testing facilities, quality enhancement processes and upgraded production methods. American Sanders is a division of Amano Pioneer Eclipse. For more information, visit or call 336-372-8080.


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